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Welcome to Fox Run Center

As a Residential Treatment Facility, Fox Run treats both boys and girls, ages 5- 17, who are diagnosed with a psychiatric condition which requires long term placement. We have specialized treatment programs and living areas for children, ages 5-12, (our Little and Big Dreams Program), youth with Developmental Disabilities IQ 50-70 (our Visions Program), as well as clinical designed treatment for youth, ages 12-17. Fox Run Center is located in St. Clairsville, Ohio, and we are accredited through both the OhioMHAS and The Joint Commission.

Our goal is to provide each patient with the treatment, care, social skills, and leadership interactions to give them a solid foundation for healing and hope. We want every child who enters our doors to be a future success. To achieve this goal, we offer individual, group, and family therapies. We have an exceptional activities therapy department, and a fully accredited school focusing on special educational needs that allows full transfer of credits earned back to their home district.

Fox Run Center stands out because of the dedicated staff that cares about our kids. Whether it is through holiday celebrations, awards ceremonies, or climbing our 40 foot Alpine tower for confidence, Fox Run Center staff understands the unique needs of our children and are committed to our residents' healthy development. Our staff includes psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, mental health technicians, activities therapists, and special education teachers. We are supported by a creative dietary and facilities staff committed to making a difference.

Youth come to us from a variety of settings including parents, county agencies, physicians, acute hospitals. All admissions are individualized for the needs of our youth. We want families and extended care providers involved whenever possible and we strive to provide a safe, structured, yet fun world. We help families understand that mental health concerns are like any other health issues and they are treatable.

Call us at 740-695-2131 to learn more. Together we can make a difference in the lives of youth.